This Site is Permanently Down Because Hernandez Airbrushing ie: Manual and Barbara Hernandez
Feel that they shouldn't pay their outstanding bills -- This Page will remain up and Active until things are made right

Here is the basic Story. Around January of 2009, Barbara claimed that they were in really dire straights because they had just put two family members to rest and all of their family expected them to foot the bill. At this point they were already 3 months behind paying for their monthly web service. Barbara asked me, as a Christian, that I keep their website up until things got better for them. She also stated that she would make things right if I did so. I continued to keep their website up and active, and have done so until January of 2010, when I realized that they were seeking someone else to provide them web service, probably because they knew that they owed me a great deal of money at this point, and didn't want to have to pay what they owed me.  The last time I was paid was August of 2008.  I continued to provide updates, address changes, re-worked their order form.....basically business as usual because I felt they they would "do the right thing" as I had done for them.  So recently I get the following e-mail:

To: "Ed Black" <>

Hi Ed, Please provie all the source code, .jpg files and all documentation relating to our website  I expect to recieve a DVD or CDROM in the mail no later than March 2, 2010.
 Barbara Gail
Hernandez Airbrushing
5120 Schaefer ave. Suite D  Chino, Ca 91710
909-364-0050 Fax 909-364-0024
WOW -- I feel that is pretty gutsy and somewhat underhanded. Someone I have let ride without paying for nearly a year and a half is now demanding that I provide them with website code and pictures????  Why not pick up the phone and be honest to the fact that they were preparing to screw me over.  I know this is the case, because both of them un-friended me from facebook about the same time this e-mail was sent.  So here is what I responded with:

Not sure exactly what you are wanting to do.  If you are wanting to cancel service with me, that's fine, but you need to follow the guidelines as have always been in the existing customers section.  Additionally you are a special circumstance as I kept your site active even after many months of non-payment which you said you would make it right when you were able to.

I have kept your website up for a year and 5 months without any form of payment.  I even came up with a new design idea for you and I get an e-mail demanding code and a "No Later Than" date.  Hardly seems right to me.  Maybe I am misunderstanding your e-mail, if so I apologize and correct me if that is the case.

Design/Existing Customers Page
  --------------------------------------------Ed Black 
(Read the "Existing Customers" Section from the link in my response above, which has been in place since the first website I Designed over 10 years ago) and clearly states my terms and conditions.

Now mind you....I did a little search on the Hernandez's and this video came up, I was very surprised at the audacity considering what they are now doing to me.

Now this is hipocritical!

Isn't it funny he is requesting prayer because someone owes him money?
Pretty hypocritical if you ask me......Ultimately, make a decision for yourself though, I am not out to slander, only relay the sad truth that has been dealt over to me by Manuel and Barbara.  I would hope that the Hernandez's do the "right" and "Christian" thing, and pay me what is due to me.  It is well over $500.  Maybe they had better pray about it, and if they are truly religious, the truth should be revealed to them.

Ed Black -- Designer and Maintainer of the original Hernandez Airbrushing Site